News – Seven Seas Smokehouse


We are what we eat!


For darn long time in the history of mankind (at least 150 000 years) we, humans had no Direct TV, Google chrome and 12.000 $ Wolf refrigerators. Some of us don't have them even today but let's not loose the topic.

How, oh how did we survive? 


20-25 people (yes, homo sapiens) crammed in a one bedroom cave, circling around a fire hole and a pile of today's catch... Wild salmon (farm raised was yet unavailable due to temporary "no Whole Foods" policy) and wild steel-head not yet endangered by industrial fishing. They ate most of the catch. Sashimi at its best, no rice, no fortune cookies, no tips and no state tax... Some fish was left...  What do you do? For centuries there was no answer to that. Humans joggled with the remaining fish, played golf and baseball.

But since little Yaffet hid his fish portion on the distant upper wall of the cave and fish didn't rot thanks to the smoke from the fire going the same direction up that wall and out to the wild... That night a new era started for the mankind as smoked fish was officially born. Compared to that Jean August Cholesterol and George Gluten born in 21 century are just kindergarten kids.  

Thousands of years later we still enjoy little Yaffet's creation. Welcome to Seven Seas smokehouse!