Menevolution – Seven Seas Smokehouse


We are told, that our ancestors survived by living a hunter-fisherman-gatherer lifestyle. They were omnivores with a diet consisting of fresh and cured game, fish, berries, fruits, vegetables, seeds, wild honey and multiple nuts and seeds. 

Then about 11,500 years ago people from remote parts of the world (Middle East, Egypt, China and Mexico) all of a sudden abandoned their foraging ways and began cultivating crops and domesticating animals. 

An astonishing change for species who had survived, ostensibly, through hunting and gathering for thousands of years. 

Why did hey do so? How and from where did they obtain agricultural techniques?  

And what about the products they cultivated and we still have today? The ones our ancestors consumed for centuries? 

Because in last half century that food basket's content swapped dramatically. At lease in the USA.

Isn't it the reason the word "artisan" is gaining more popularity today, despite our awe for cholesterol and gluten.

Seven Seas Smokehouse keeps the traditions of the past. May be that is the reason the business is great just like the taste of our fish.