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World standards of caviar

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World standards of caviar

Beluga Royal 000 or Beluga Imperial 000
These loud and pretentious names are given exclusively to Beluga with a large grain (4-5 mm) and a very rare platinum color. Caviar often has a subtle nutty flavor. This is the most expensive Beluga caviar.

Beluga prestige
The color of caviar is no longer so light and is found in nature much more often.

Regular or simply Original Beluga Caviar
The most common beluga caviar in nature is dark gray in color. It also differs in taste.

Sturgeon Caviar
The most prestigious, very rare and, accordingly, the most expensive (sometimes more expensive than Beluga) is Sturgeon caviar. Very similar in color to gold. The grain of this caviar should be large (3-4 mm.) It is called the same all over the world - Golden Caspian Osetra Caviar

Royal, Imperial Osetra
This is the next step in the hierarchy of Osetra caviar.
Sturgeon caviar is not so bright, but with a beautiful golden hue and always large grain. It is considered rare and therefore highly prized.

Premium or Premier Osetra
This caviar is widespread in nature. The roe grains may already be smaller (2-3 mm) and have dark gray tones, sometimes with light eyes.

But most often in nature, sturgeon caviar is found Original, Regular or Classic Osetra Caviar. This is caviar of an even black color, which is popular due to its affordability. The grain size of this roe can vary from 1.5 to 3 mm.

Stellate sturgeon

Sevruga caviar does not differ in a wide variety of varieties. It is usually even black with fine grain (1-2 mm). Sevruga caviar is the most affordable in the world market - it has its own very popular brand - Platinum Sevruga or Royal Sevruga. It also has a rare very light color and a larger grain (2-2.5 mm).
In their opinion, sevruga caviar from 15-20-year-old stellate sturgeon has very dark grains. If stellate sturgeon is 35 years old, its caviar is called classic gray, its grains are light.