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Caviar drinks

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Caviar drinks

Drinks consumed with caviar should in no way interrupt the taste of caviar.
It is also impossible to drink it right away, because caviar has a special aftertaste, it is important to get a complete impression that is not smeared with anything.

In Europe and America, caviar is offered as drinks with chilled exquisite varieties of champagne, dry varieties of wines: Riesling, Chablis, Chardonnay - any good dry white wine that does not have a pronounced taste will do.
In the Russian tradition, there are two symbols by which the whole world knows us: caviar and vodka were inseparable because they complement each other in the best way. It is only important that the vodka is chilled, then it does not interrupt the taste of caviar.
There is a method that came into practice from the great singer Fyodor Chaliapin: he ate caviar, and then drank vodka (with this method, vodka should be strongly cooled in the freezer). Caviar houses offer to try it, calling it "a la rus".
All other drinks will not give the fullest taste of caviar, therefore, they will interrupt its taste.

In between, it is good to drink this pleasure with dry wine or champagne, this allows you, as it were, to erase the memory of caviar taste in order to feel it with the same force again.
In general, it all depends more on your personal taste preferences.