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Types of caviar

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Types of caviar

Traditionally, caviar was obtained from three main species of sturgeon:

Beluga, Sturgeon and Paddlefish. 
This "Great Trinity" has won fame in the world caviar tradition.
In the "caviar world" there is a table of ranks, according to which the caviar of each sturgeon species occupies a strictly defined place:

Beluga caviar - eggs are large (up to 3.5 mm) - platinum, dark gray, silver or black. This caviar does not have a specific smell, it can only have a very subtle nutty aftertaste and a very delicate taste.

Kaluga caviar - eggs are large (up to 3 mm) - dark gray or silver, brownish or black. The taste is similar to beluga, but less pronounced.

Sturgeon caviar - medium-sized eggs (up to 2.5 mm) - gray, slightly yellowish or brown, dark bronze or black. The taste is sharper than that of beluga caviar, with hints of sea and iodine, sometimes has a wonderful nutty flavor.

Paddlefish caviar - eggs are small, platinum, dark gray or more often black, with a fairly large amount of fat. The taste is subtle, but somewhat intrusive.